Season 3 | Episode 2

Why are female workforce participation rates so low in developing countries, and what kinds of solutions are trying to encourage women to enter the workforce and pursue entrepreneurship?

Sitting down with UVA Global Studies Professor Sree, we discuss some of the institutional and cultural constraints that perpetuate low female workforce participation, specifically in South Asia. Then, we sit down with Sehat Kahani, a Pakistani tele-medicine startup that pairs female stay-at-home physicians with patients in rural and low-income communities, to discuss how they empower female physicians and improve access to health care in Pakistan.

Host: Niko Marcich
Researcher: Katya Sankow
Guest Interviews: UVA Global Studies Professor Sreerekha Sathiamma and Sehat Kahani's Dr. Iffat Zakar
Producers: Andy Carluccio and Geoff Keating

The Global Inquirer is a production of the International Relations Organization at UVA, and affiliated with TEEJ, UVA’s podcasting network.

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