Live Episode: When To Draw the Red Line

Justifying Humanitarian Intervention

Season 3 | Episode 8 - SEASON LIVE EPISODE

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In Global Inquirer’s first live episode of the semester, we examine the case for and against international humanitarian intervention in Syria.

Joined by guest Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of the United Nations’ UN Dispatch blog and host of the Humanity in Action's Global Dispatches Podcast, along with researcher Dom Giovanniello, we’ll examine cases for and against humanitarian intervention in Syria’s civil war over the past seven years, and discuss what can still be done to tackle the humanitarian crisis.


Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has claimed over 500,000 lives and displaced more than half of the country's pre-war population. Over 5.4 million Syrians have fled their homes seeking refuge abroad, placing tremendous strain on neighboring countries and the EU. The civil war has also devolved into an international conflict, with Iran, Russia, Turkey, the Gulf States, and the United States all seeking to promote their interests. ISIL and other militant groups have taken advantage of the situation to pursue their extreme agendas and reek devastation on innocent civilians both in Syria and abroad.

In light of this situation, several questions arise. Could the international community have done more to stop the bloodshed? Would military intervention have improved or worsened the situation? What can still be done? And, given the high cost of the Syrian civil war, is there a moral obligation to intervene? Join us or tune in this Wednesday as we discuss these questions and the cases for and against international humanitarian intervention in Syria and other conflicts.

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