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About Us

The Global Inquirer

We're an undergraduate research podcast based out of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Our mission is to use case studies to explain how global trends are impacting real lives. The Global Inquirer podcast is produced by the International Relations Organization at UVA and is sponsored by the UVA Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures.

Luke Somers

Executive Producer

Luke, class of 2023, is a Foreign Affairs (politics) and Philosophy double major with a history minor. Luke is passionate about building a better and sustainable future; he loves the podcast because it amplifies ideas that contribute to improving the world. Outside of the Global Inquirer, you can find Luke reading, writing, or working on photography projects with friends.

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Laura Feng

Publicity Director

Laura is a second-year Foreign Affairs and Statistics double major. When she's not making media to promote the podcast, she can be found in the HackCville clubhouse, watching videos about food, and listening to Broadway soundtracks.

Nick Mortensen

Research Staff

Nicholas is a fourth-year Global Security and Justice Major and History minor. He is one of the founding members of the Global Inquirer Podcast, and served as its Host and Editor-in-Chief in the Fall of 2018. Nicholas has spent time abroad in Germany and has conducted archival and documentary research on a variety of subjects, including the use of improvised drone technology, US-China Relations, and genetic ethics. Nicholas was a member of the research team for the book To Build a Better World, a history of the negotiations that ended the Cold War, written by Philip Zelikow and Condoleezza Rice.

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Cameron Bertron

Research Staff

Cameron is a 4th year double majoring in Global Studies Security and Justice as well as Slavic Languages and Literature. In Spring of 2019 she studied abroad in Siberia through Middlebury School in Russia. She reports that it was very cold. She is also a volunteer firefighter, an avid hiker, and has a great recipe for blueberry lemon cake.

Walter Sharon

Research Staff

Walter is a member of the class of 2021, majoring in Politics and Global Studies with a minor in English. Walter is a contributor to the Cavalier Daily as a writer as well as political cartoonist, and he is a big fan of podcasts, NPR, and all things news. In his free time, he likes to read, play soccer, listen to jazz, and learn new things.

Sarah Rocca

Research Staff

Sarah is in the class of 2022 hoping to major in Leadership in Public Policy with a minor in Spanish. She is also active in the Model United Nations and volunteer as a coach for the local swim team. Her favorite part of every episode is getting to interview different experts about international issues she's interested in.

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John Sun

Research Staff

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, John is a pre-commerce and statistics double major in the class of 2023. He is particularly interested in international business, specifically global logistics and supply chain management. Outside of the Global Inquirer, John serves as Honor Counsel and Investigator and plays the viola in the Cavalier Symphony Orchestra Chamber Group.

Meet our Staff

The Team
Emma Ross


Emma is in the class of 2022, and majoring in Foreign Affairs and Russian Language. Her studies currently focus on modern Russian history and humanitarian response. She has been abroad twice on government programs to study Russian. Additionally, she has played volleyball for over 8 years and listens to too much “This American Life”.

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Andy Carluccio

Technical Adviser

A fourth-year double major in computer science and drama, Andy now advises the production of Global Inquirer episodes and live streams after serving as technical director for four seasons. 

Katya Sankow

Research Staff

Katya is a fourth-year Russian & Eastern European Studies and Foreign Affairs major from Pittsburgh, PA. When she’s not having existential crises about her future, she’s consuming Slavic memes and planning a Model UN conference. Global Inquirer has been a wonderful part of her UVA experience, and she’s looking forward to her final semester with the podcast.

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Aditya Seth

Research Staff

Aditya Seth is a fourth-year from Mumbai, India studying IT and Marketing in the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA. He is President Emeritus of the International Relations Organization at UVA, the parent organization of the Global Inquirer. He has been involved with the club since first year and is very passionate about global issues and how they directly impact the average citizen. When not in class he spends his time discussing international politics, reading and finding new countries to visit. He is also a complete foodie and can be found eating inordinate amounts of food at a variety of restaurants across Charlottesville.

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Garrett Scocos

Research Staff

[Garrett is a member of the class of 2021, and majoring in Foreign Affairs. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he enjoys running and is a prolific reader of political memoirs and books on the Cold War. He is a Resident Advisor for first years and a member of the IRO Model UN Travel Team. He is looking forward to working as a researcher and exploring the technical side of the Global Inquirer.

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Ria Kharosekar

Research Staff

Ria is a member of the class of 2023 and is planning to major in Commerce and Mathematics. She is particularly interested in conflict resolution and international diplomacy. Aside from being a fervent listener of news podcasts, she loves Shakespeare dearly and is involved with student theater at UVA.

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Elisabeth Tamte

Research Staff

Elisabeth is a member of the class of 2023, and she is planning on majoring in Foreign Affairs and Economics. Originally from Minnesota, Elisabeth loves spending time outdoors. In her free time, she also enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and watching movies. Elisabeth is looking forward to researching and learning more about international topics.

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Christian Jung

Technical Director

Christian is a second year, majoring in Computer Science. With a strong interest in National Security and a technical background, Christian is in a perfect position to help lead the technical aspects of the show. Christian’s responsibilities include editing and recording the podcast.

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Anna Von Spakovsky

Research Staff

Anna is a fourth-year Global Security and Justice Major with a possible French minor. She is particularly interested in human rights and international law as well as conflict resolution. Outside of Global Inquirer, she is Vice President of the International Relations Organization and is involved in various dance clubs at UVA.

Balthazar Merrin

Research Staff

Balthazar is a fourth-year Foreign Affairs major with a minor in Public Policy and a passion for bottom-up state building and local economic empowerment. When he's not researching for the Global Inquirer, Balthazar can be found trying out new recipes, reading, or watching movies. He also loves cats, popcorn, and fountain soda from the Alamo.

Roma Chitko.jpg
Roma Chitko

Research Staff

Roma is in the class of 2021, and planning on majoring in Global Development Studies with a minor in Spanish. She is particularly interested in the social aspects of health care and global public health in general. She is also involved in Alpha Phi Omega. Other than that, she loves working with kids, drinking way too much coffee, swimming, and reading.

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Lyndsay Baker

Research Staff

Lyndsay is a second-year hoping to major in Global Studies Security & Justice with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She is particularly interested in issues concerning terror and its effects on local communities. In her free time, she enjoys baking cookies and playing card games.

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Abigail Quinn

Research Staff

Abigail is a first year planning on majoring in foreign affairs with a minor in French, and hoping to pursue of major in Public Policy and Leadership. She is a member of First Year Council, the Women’s Leadership Development Program, and Blueprint Leadership. In terms of foreign affairs research, she is most interested in examining women’s rights around the world and East Asian policy. In her free time, she loves to run, read, and binge-watch The Bachelor.

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Alma Wolf

Research Staff

Alma is a first year from Durango, Colorado; she intends on studying Russian and Foreign Affairs. She is a lover of great podcasts, ice cream, and CrossFit. Outside of the Global Inquirer, you may spot her training for Air Force ROTC, mountain biking on O-Hill, or studying at Alderman.

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